Church Website System

Well designed websites specifically built for churches & ministries

Why Church Websites?

Churches, traditionally don't have great websites.  I created a product to change the way churches handle their website.  No more out of date, badly designed & unresponsive slow websites.  Let me introduce to you, Church Bridge.

Church Bridge Logo


Modern, fresh design that makes your church look appealing and makes the information you have easy to navigate. You don't want people thinking that Noah designed your website while in the ark!


Your church website needs to look great and function well on mobile phones & tablets.  


Publish your sermons so that others are able to listen in. They can listen on your website and  also through iTunes, Spotify & other podcast players.


Keep your website updated easily. We know that its a job that is often put off - so we have built in some of our time to the monthly package so we can do it for you.


Security is so important!  We make sure your website is as secure as possible, runs well, and is backed up regularly so that we can recover quickly should anything happen to it.


We understand that budgets are never huge for churches.  We have priced our service so that it is affordable for you, and sustainable for us.  We want to be around for years to come to provide this essential service to you.

Looking for a church / Ministry Website?

Send us a message, and we will get details to you asap!